CPD Activities

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#Activity TitleCPD ProviderStart DateEvent TimeLocationCost (UGX)CPD PointsEnd DateStatusDetails
1Management of Diabetes Type 2 patients with DPP4 drugs.Mengo HospitalMay 24, 202308:30 AMMengo Hospital02May 24, 2023OpenRead More
2Behaviour nudges to encourage appropriate antibiotic use among health professionals in UgandaMengo HospitalMay 10, 202308:30 AMMengo Hospital, Pharmacy Department02May 10, 2023ClosedRead More
3Advanced HIV disease especially Cryptococcal MeningitisMengo HospitalMay 3, 202303:15 PMMengo Hospital02May 3, 2023ClosedRead More
4Types of SquintsMengo HospitalApr 19, 202312:45 PMMengo Hospital, Squint Unit01Apr 21, 2023OpenRead More
5Cataract Surgical Monitoring and Epiphora Presentation by Christine NankumbaMengo HospitalApr 14, 202312:45 PMMengo Hospital, Eye Department01Apr 17, 2023OpenRead More
6Criteria for Low VisionMengo HospitalApr 14, 202311:30 AMMengo Hospital, Eye Department01Apr 14, 2023OpenRead More
7Infection Prevention and Control Practices in Marburg Virus Disease (MVD)Mengo HospitalApr 5, 202308:45 PMMengo Hospital02Apr 5, 2023ClosedRead More
8Marburg Virus DiseaseMengo HospitalMar 29, 202308:00 AMMengo Hospital02Mar 29, 2023ClosedRead More
9The role of Fenofibrinates in managing dyslipidaemiaMengo HospitalMar 22, 202308:30 AMMengo Hospital02Mar 24, 2023ClosedRead More
10Potassium Disorders Mengo HospitalMar 18, 202310:15 PMMengo Hospital02Mar 18, 2023ClosedRead More