CPD Activities

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#Activity TitleCPD ProviderStart DateEvent TimeLocationCost (UGX)CPD PointsEnd DateStatusDetails
1Anxiety disordersHope and Healing CenterMay 24, 202308:00 PMHope and Healing Center01May 24, 2023OpenRead More
2Dehydration in paediatricsHope and Healing CenterMar 29, 202308:00 AMHope and Healing Center01Mar 29, 2023ClosedRead More
3Effective communication and Standard Operating ProceduresHope and Healing CenterApr 5, 202308:00 AMHope and Healing Center01Apr 5, 2023ClosedRead More
4Approach to Septic shockHope and Healing CenterMar 17, 202308:00 AMHope and Healing Center02Mar 17, 2023ClosedRead More
5Management of complications of Chronic Kidney DiseaseHope and Healing CenterFeb 24, 202302:00 PMHope and Healing Center02Feb 24, 2023ClosedRead More
6Care for Bed ridden patientsHope and Healing CenterFeb 24, 202308:00 AMHope and Healing Center02Feb 24, 2023ClosedRead More
7Pain crisis in sickle cell disease Hope and Healing CenterFeb 1, 202307:00 AMHope and Healing Center02Feb 1, 2023ClosedRead More
8Fluid management in patientsHope and Healing CenterJan 26, 202308:00 AMHope and Healing Center01Jan 26, 2023ClosedRead More
9Patient satisfaction survey to get feed back feedback about our services.Hope and Healing CenterJan 18, 202308:00 AMHope and Healing Center02Jan 18, 2023ClosedRead More
10complications associated with Diabetic ketoacidosis and their managementHope and Healing CenterJan 12, 202302:15 PMHope and Healing Center01Jan 12, 2023ClosedRead More